guitar body under construction


We use only a Select group of Pressure Tested Tops (50 series and above)

The Guitar top is one if not the most important part of an Acoustic in regards to the function a tonal qualities of the Instrument. The string vibrates thus vibrating the top and moving the air inside to produce sound. Solid tops provide a far richer and more responsive tone. Each solid top is pressure tested to ensure its highest level of rigidity and stiffness along with maximum harmonic vibration

The tight, straight grain in this wood produces a unique combination of strength and flexibility. The end result will benefit both the player and tone and make for a longer lasting Instrument. The top is also strong enough along its grain to withstand the tension and pull of the strings whilst maintaining the correct amount of flexibility. Every tree is different and with its unique grain will offer up a different stiffness and tone if all tops were cut to the same thickness. We find individually testing all tops gives the best results for Tone, Stiffness and Flexibility.

Adirondack Spruce Bracing

The bracing for the guitars is quarter-sawn Adirondack spruce, scalloped and carved to conform exactly to the curvature of the tops. The strength and lightweight qualities of Adirondack Spruce make for ideal bracing material. It provides the strength needed to resist string tension without weighing down the top, allowing it to be more responsive and vibrate freely.

guitar neck under construction
guitar under construction
woman fitting guitar fingerboard

Double Function Truss Rods

Most guitars made now have a support Truss-Rod in the neck to counter the pull of the strings on it. However if it back bows due to changes in temperature and humidity the usual procedure for repair can be both time consuming and in some cases expansive. All Finlayson guitars are fit with a two way dual function Truss-Rod which can bow the neck forward as well as back thus protecting the guitars playability at all times..